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The Monsters on my Bus

The Monsters on my Bus


I like to go places. I like to see the sights, smell the smells, experience what each place has to offer me. I sometimes travel with others; who am I kidding? I always travel with others. That’s why I use a bus! On a bus I can be the driver. Even though there are other riders, the bus goes where I want to go.


Take for example a trip to the grocery store. Alice, the anxious one, is always on the bus. She used to follow me around the store, tripping over things, bumping into people, making me nervous; especially at the checkout stand. If I didn’t have enough money or there was some mixup, Alice would always make a scene; even walk out dragging me with her and leave everything I needed at the counter. It was frustrating and embarrassing, I learned how to handle her though and now she usually just stays on the bus. When she does come in I help her stay calm and breathe.


Arnie, he is a hothead. I didn’t even realize he was riding my bus until after I had learned to deal with some of his friends. I’ll tell you about him later. Sandy is very quiet and hides mostly. The smallest thing could get her going though. When she comes into the store with me she will act up and then call Alice to come in and “help” us. One time I was at the checkout stand and I came up short. Sandy starts crying and doesn’t know what to do so she calls Alice, who comes in and starts digging through the bags for things she can return. There was a big line behind me and me and the cashier is asking me something, but I can’t really make out her words because of Sandy (shame) and Alice(anxiety.) Before I know it Alice has grabbed me and Sandy by the hand and we are headed for the exits.


Back on the bus, we all just sat there and cried. I kept wondering why it had to be so difficult. There is no real answer to that question. I’m the driver and they are just passengers. Sometimes we all forget that. Sometimes one of them will want to drive and that’s when it gets real crazy.


Arnie, the “new” guy is not really new. He has always been there in the back of the bus making snide comments under his breath, hiding in the shadows along with Fred, the scaredy cat. About the time I had finally convinced Sandy and Alice to cooperate if they wanted to ride, then he moves closer to the front of the bus! We were at a park one day and I was sitting near the sandbox and someone comes up to me and wants to ask me why I’m not wearing a mask. Before Alice or Sandy could come Arnie was off the bus and throwing sand in their eyes! Then of course Alice comes to see what’s up and Sandy joins her and it takes me hours to get them all back on the bus and in a seat. And Arnie, what does he do? He takes the seat right behind the driver!


Fred is huddled in a corner afraid of getting hurt, afraid of getting in trouble. So he yells at them all to try to be nicer to people and then none of that would happen. It’s exhausting sometimes. I have learned a little of skills to help me and for the most part everyone stay in their seats, Arnie never did return to the back of the bus, but at least I know it’s him now and not just Alice and Sandy and Fred doing his bidding. There are other passengers Janet, always envious and then there is Philip who seems way to stuck up to even be riding a bus. I know now to plan ahead for any outing with things that will keep them seated and on the bus. The fact is it’s my bus and I can go where I want and do what I want. They may be riding the bus with me but I am the one in control! So look out world here I come!

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